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Monday, April 13, 2015

Mars Wedding

No! Don't take it as if it's a wedding at Mars. "Mars" is how I call my friend back in high school who recently took a vow of forever with Marc... again, the "Marc" is spelled with "C" at the end so definitely not me... wahahaha.

From the long weekend vacation for the Holy week. I took another 12 hours two way trip to Isabela to attend this very important event... worth sharing...

Here are some important shots I had during her wedding.

A very nostalgic church, same place where i took my Kindergarten school...
Just when everything seems to be very dramatic as the bride enters the church...
Perfectly beautiful for the BIG day!
The Legal Kiss... I'm sure there are illegal kisses... :)
On the side, It brought me tears when I saw my parents walking down the aisle together... as principal sponsors... hehehe look at her blue boots. Noh! that's not because of me... wahahaha

That moment when they are about to leave the church and the bride request for another kiss... Landeh! hehehe

It feels like #Throwback when we had this photo taken...

Of course, the food shots...

Beyond words... I'm so proud of you Mars Gracie ... you've matured gracefully from the crazy Recto girl I use to hang out during college... May you have all the blessings in your married life... cheers to more years of friendship 

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