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Friday, May 30, 2014

Saladbox and Regatta Styling Contest Experience

As many of my friends were asking why my photos are online handing paddle on Regatta outfit and a Rayban shades, and garnering 300++ like on Instagram, here’s the story.

One day while I’m browsing over my facebook newsfeed, I saw a post for Saladbox x Regatta Styling Contest in partnership with several fashion bloggers (male and female). The contest has 2 phases – Phase 1. Create a mood board using the latest collection of regatta posted on their facebook account. Post the mood board publicly and hashtag all the required tags. Winners for the Phase 1 contest are asked to attend the Phase whereby the online winners will be partnered with Regatta’s partner blogger/ stylist and they will work together for a certain styling challenge in-store.

I arrived at Regatta, SM Megamall with my friend (Enol) at 10:00am as instructed. I’m wearing my adidas climate shirt black, jeans and adidas climacool shoes. Soooorrrryyy:( I have a meeting with a sports events company that day so I need to look sporty hehehehe....

While waiting for the program to start, I’m checking on cool stuffs in the store. I always admire the marketing behind this brand. Very clear branding, very distinct and every collection really speaks of the brand—laid back, comfortable, always summer…

Phase 2 started with a challenge of picking up clothes for the online winner and styling them but the twist is that whole outfit must not go beyond Php 1,000 peso budget and styling time limit of 30 minutes. It’s also a must that the whole look embodies the Regatta brand.

We've checked out several mix and match. Tried several colors and cuts, but my favourite of course is the sando and the short. Though none of their clothes perfectly match my super-sporty shoes wahahaha…
15 minutes before the deadline, the program host announced that they are adding additional Php1, 000 on the budget making the whole outfit worth PhP 2,000. But even before the budget increased, we've already decided as to what pair of clothes to present…
After presenting the outfits, there’s another challenge wherein the stylist blogger needs to upload photo of the outfit on their Instagram account and check whose going to get the highest number of likes in 10 minutes.

So while waiting the result, we took a chance to enjoy this nautical inspired cupcakes… chocolate moist care with cute lifebuoy soft icing on top.
The winner for In-store styling...

The winning team for highest likes... garnering 50 likes on instagram in 10 minutes... Thanks to all the followers of Michael and to those who liked the photo... thanks also to all the #hashtags wahahaha

Photo opt of all the event participants... I didn't get a chance to talk to them all because I'm shy :) lol...
As a prize, I got PhP 2,000 worth of shopping gift certificate from Regatta which I also consumed that day... and sarap pala gumastos ng di mo iniisip na may mawawala sa budget  mo wahahahha

Check out the latest store of Regatta at 3F SM Megamall Bldg. A Mandaluyong City.

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