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Monday, August 25, 2014

Hail to the Queen B! Beyonce's VMA 2014 Performance

Beyonce once again proved that she is the queen! After receiving Micheal Jackson Video Vanguard Award for this year's MTV Music Video Awards, Queen Bee performed a 15 minutes mini-concert featuring the songs from her album Visual.

I'm always amazed every time she performs... From how the performance was conceptualized, to the stage execution, and how the hell she manage here cardio while dancing, singing and projecting in front of a camera. Her showmanship is really incomparable...

Kudos also to her back up dancers who always give life to her performance... 

Thanks also to for the video and the photo.. I've been trying to search for this on youtube since this morning but all are performance review... Finally a fan got the chance to view this... enjoy!...


Just a thought, I remember the VMA performance of Miley Cyrus last year, when it was bashed by so many netizens, I wonder how Queen Bees number was loved when she is also trying to sell "sex" in most of her songs in the album...

Beyonce's VMA medley consisted of 12 songs: 

  1. Mine
  2. Haunted
  3. No Angel
  4. Jealous
  5. Blow
  6. Drunk in Love
  7. Rocket
  8. Partition
  9. Flawless
  10. Yonce
  11. Blue
  12. XO