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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Little Gems of Little Tokyo Makati

Visited again for the nth time my favorite Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo Makati Philippines. It was introduced to me by a friend who works nearby. Just a thought of it that the restaurant is inside a Japanese convenience store gives me a thrill.

I’ve never been a fan of fancy dine eating and will forever be seeking gems like Yamazaki. Apart of course from it feels affordable, there will always be a authentic connotation to hole in the wall like this.

For starters we had Gyoza that taste heavenly heheh 😊. I suggest if you are in a group of 3 or 4 better order 2 sets because personally, I can really finish a serving ... soo good.

This vegetable, Ihonestly forgot the name but I think its Nirareba / Nira Itame. Its so good! Plain and very simple, but has this smokey taste that would make you crave for more.

Glad we ordered this Chasumen, not so fab but it’s simple and very clean tasting broth soup blends well with our other orders.

This Shake is just to add some protein... Can be a little fishy for some but still taste good.

The Katsu might be just your usual katsu.

Of course, cravings for this balls still continues... never miss to order this when you visit any Japanese restaurant... Im really saving this for the last photo because it deserves 5 glittery stars.... gives you smile in every bite of the balls (WTF with the description)  

Yamazaki Ratings

Taste: 😊😊😊😊🙁

ambience: 😊😊😊😊🙁

service: 😊😊😊😊🙁

value for money : 😊😊😊😊🙁

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Lugang Cafe Unlimited Treat

Treat your Mom because Mother’s day isn’t over yet pr can be an early Father’s Treat. It can also be just a family weeken eat out or a dinner treat afterwork. Lugang Cafe’s promo could be one of your treat option.

I have been to this restaurant several times and they array of Asian dishes is something that would make you crave for sometime. Regular treats could be a bit expensive but with their current promo that runs until June 02,2018 every Mondays to Saturdays and it will really give you a bang for the buck.

Gab and I visited some time in May and initially this is not our original plan. We really want to go to a buffet or Filipino cuisine but we were limited by the choices in the mall. Until we passed by Lugang Cafe and we were offered with the promo.

We had around 26 dishes reapetedly from the wide choices offered in the menu of the unli-promo. Technically, each plate would only cost us less than P60. Isn’t that amazing ? 😊😊😊. Their Xiao Long Bao I must say is the best in town. Not even comparable to the Michelin Star restaurant . Plus that they have a wide range of XLB choices.

Have you also experienced their Unli Promo? Share your thoughts.

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

How To Become a Mom

No, its not a literal question of a girl being a mom... but curious asidr, we simply want to ask how will a mom considers or realises she’s already being a mom. When will she finally calls herself a mom...

I asked four of my friends and here is their “How to become a mom?” Reaction video...

We all know that being a mom is a really tough job.. 24/7 on call and on duty. But surprising to them, its one of the most fulfilling job... and we as their children will forever be greatful for their endearing unconditional love...

We owe them so much and a day of Celebration for Mother’s Day may not be enough to compliment all their hardworks... May we treat each day like Mother’s day and let them feel special in every big and small way.

Happy Mother’s Day
I love you Mama.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

HwaRoRo Korean Nights

Never have thought of Korean food as my comfort food. I would normally go for Chinese or home cooked Filipinos dishes. Usually, craving for Korean dishes is because you would go for unlimited pork for Samgyupsal. Since I started Keto diet, this grilled pork has been my go-to buffet treat and would visit one every two weeks (if I have budget).

Some Korean grilled buffet would only give you the regular pork thin cut. But HwaRoRo, is one of the game changer! Apart from the usual Pork, they have a variety of beef, chicken and some sausages as low as P399.

They also offer buffet of side dishes which will no longer require you to call their staff just to ask them because you have an access to the buffet of sides. Just don’t take much as you can consume.

Ratings for HwaRoRo Korean Restaurant 
Taste: 😊😊😊🙁🙁
Ambience: 😊😊☹️☹️🙁
Service: 😊😊😊🙁🙁
Value for Money : 😊😊😊☹️🙁

1103, 76 Sct. Tobias St. Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Arca’s Yard in Baguio

Baguio, tho maybe considered an old hub for quick summer get away, it never stops surprising us with good places to hang out and of course good food to try.

Sitted on mountain cliffs, this Arca’s Yard offers comforting food of a usual cafeteria with a scenic view of Baguio’s pride nature. This to me also is perfect place to have a quick RnR with your loved ones. Its small homey ambience makes the stay worth the exhale of an exhausting city life.

Food is not something so different from any cafes in the metro but its freshness gives a unique taste to everything. From the freshly picked vegetables of their salad and freshly cooked chicken and brewed tea and coffee.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hong Kong (Food) Trip

March 2018

We went to Hong Kong for some business trip and a small tour. It has been a place for some Filipino since jobs here for foreigners are very open...
It is also popular for their Disneyland, but as per the tour guide, she really do not understand why Filipino go there for the themed park. Well, to us it’s cheaper to experience it in HK rather in other country which is more expensive...

They are also known as the shopping paradise as buying goods there do not include tax.
As for me Im only interested on their famous street foods which is not cheap also. Here’s a snippet of my street foodie experience:

Thank for visiting 

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Namit Gyud Inasal Sa Bacolod

Inasal became a fad in food and restaurant business years back and here I am still trying to find the reason for its popularity. Surely I am familiar with Mang Inasal and other chains taste and flavor. But what really is the authentic taste? Watch the vid and together we discover the true taste of this famous chicken dish from Bacolod.

Far way too different from local chain Mang Inasal. Street style carinderia Aida’s Chicken inasal offers more depth in terms of flavor and spice but very clean play of salt and ginger in Chicken. Unlike basic saucy chicken barbecue, inasal elevated the flavor by being just simple in terms of marinade and taste. Glazed with Chicken oil, it will make you want to eat more rice 😱.

Apart from it being a Sugar town, Inasal also draw Bacolod’s name in the foodie map. But rarely fo we know that seafood— like oysters... fresh Oysters are also found here at a very affordable price. Yes! They are quiet cheap but really really fresh. Why do I say so? Because I didn’t get LBM that day 🤗

Aida’s Chicken Inasal is also available in Makati
Aida's Chicken House
Makati Cinema Square, Makati City
(It's in Basement 1, near the escalators.)
Contact: Toto Tarrosa


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